12 Deadly Days of Christmas, You Tube Red,  Episodic, P. D. Nate Jones

Nine Eleven, The Film House, Feature, Prod. Des. Jack Taylor Jr.

Men Of Granite, MOG Productions, Feature, PD  Marc Greville-Mason

Blood Father, Why Not Productions, Feature, PD Robb Wilson King / Eve Mc Carney

Kids vs Monsters, Dark Dunes Productions, Feature, PD Tom Wilkins 

James Cameron's Titanic; The Final Word, National Geographic, Special PD Paul Peters

William and Kate A Love Story, MOW, Silver Screen Films, Biopic, PD Stephen Marsh

South of Nowhere, Episodic Noggin, PD Christopher Davis

Women In Law, Sony, Pilot, PD Daniel Bradford

Dangerous Heart, TBS, MOW, P D Bob Zembicki

Love Honor And Obey, The Last Mafia Marriage, CBS, Mini-Series, P D Veronica Hadfield

The Kid and Me, Dan Curtis Prod., Feature, P D Veronica Hadfield

Connagher, Imagine TV, MOW, Western, P D Robert Benton

Ladybugs, Ruddy-Morgan Productions, Feature, P D Robb Wilson King 

The Watchers, Pilot, New Wave Entertainment, Pilot, PD Tom Meleck

Dying To Be Perfect, CBS, Biopic, PD, Gary Constable

A&E Biography, Episodic, Stage 3 Productions, LP Producer Kelley Ryan

The Rock, Hollywood Pictures, Feature, PD Michael White, re-shoots

Dying Young, Fox, Feature, Re Shoots, P D Neil Spizak

Dear Eleanor, P. D. Chase Harlan, Set Dec Jill Mc Graw

Summers Eve, Chewie, Alka-Seltzer, Samsung, Kmart, Walmart, Smart Talk, Meguiare’s/3M, NFL, Public Service Credit Union,  Xfinity,  Rocky Mountain News, Budweiser, Big O Tire, Remax International, Mercy Medical Center, Great West Life Insurance, Colorado Children’s Hospital, Hewlett Packard, Mountain Bell, Sontagen Jewelers, Cabela’s, Henry Weinhart Beer, Coors “Silver Bullet”, Coors “Light,  Broncos “3 Amigos”, Sigma II

Shop TV, 2 segments, Rubrick House
Gene Pool, 48 Hour Film Festival, Director Jeff Wallace
2014PGA/ASC 2012 Image Camera Assessment Test
19th Annual S.D.S.A. Awards Banquet Video Short
My Father’s House, Short, AFI Project

NBC Special Projects, Molly Joseph 2004 NBC Special Projects, Molly Joseph 2004

The Doors, Carolco Productions, Feature, P. D. Barbara Ling, Set Dec Cricket Rowland
Failure To Launch, Feature, PD Jeremy Conway, Set Dec Cindy Carr
Wait Until Spring Bandini, Spring Production Services, Prod. Des. Bob, Zembicki, Set Dec Lisa Dean
Dances With Wolves, TIG Productions, Feature, Prod. Des. Jeffery Beecroft, Set Dec, Lisa Dean
Space Above And Beyond, Fox, TV Series, Prod. Des. Bernard Hides, Set Dec Lynn Wolverton- Parker
Land Of Little Rain, Hallmark, P.D. Bob Zembicki, Set Dec Lisa Dean
Photo Shop, Sketch Up, Drawing in a variety of mediums, Photography, Sewing. Interior Design, BA. Costume Design, University of Colorado